Wash Away Odours

By Gurby Griffiths

I love cooking but I can’t remember how many times I’ve ended up with the lingering smell of onion or garlic odour on my hands.

Just the other day I made a curry and can still smell mango pickle on my hands. No matter how many times you wash your skin, these stubborn pongs are here to stay for at least a day or two. I’ve tried using washing up liquid and richly scented soaps, but nothing seems to work.

One solution is to wear rubber gloves but this can become a bit messy when dealing with a slippery onion or a small piece of garlic, and the idea of wearing anything on my hands when cooking is far from ideal.

The alternative, and more realistic solution, is to use stainless steel soap. Cookalot.co.uk sells a stainless steel finger fresh bar which is designed to effortlessly remove the most stubborn odours in literally seconds. And it’s simple to use.

You can remove unpleasant garlic, onion or fish smells from hands and fingers by simply rubbing the bar against skin under cool running water for 30 seconds for odour-free hands.

If you’re wondering how the stainless steel finger fresh bar works, then let me explain. It works by a process called oxydoreduction. The sulphur from the stinky food is attracted to and binds with one or more of the metals in the stainless steel, and so gently lifts all of the odours from your skin.

The best thing about the steel bar is that it will never need replacing and is completely chemical free, so it’s kind to your skin and the environment. And on top of that, the handy bar comes in its very own soap dish for easy storage and dispensing.

This truly is a must-have item for any kitchen.

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