Gift List Service

Getting married, celebrating a birthday or any other special occasion? Create your perfect gift list and let all your family and friends know exactly what you want in three simple steps. It’s your special day and at Cookalot we’ve made it really easy for you to choose the products you want through our 'personal touch' gift list service.

All you need to do is:

Step 1 – Select your gift list
Browse the site and select the products you like. Make a note of the product codes and product names of your chosen gifts and the quantities you want in each product.

For example:
KCRICECOOK, Microwave 1.5 Litres Rice Cooker, Qty 1
KCEGGSEP, Heavy Duty Egg Separator, Qty 1
2804B, Kuhn Rikon Colori Serrated Paring Knife Fuschsia, Qty 3

Step 2 – Email your list
Email your list to adding your name/s, address and occasion details and date. 

Step 3 – Tell your family and friends
We will email you back with your unique list reference number and a document of your chosen products, which you can then email to family and friends.

View and amend your list
We will keep you informed on what’s been bought, and by who, with our regular updates of your gift list, so you can get on with other things. You can also add new items or delete anything that hasn’t been bought yet. Just let us know and we’ll amend your list accordingly, which you can email to family and friends. It’s all very easy and exciting.

Buying from the list
Friends and family can take their time to browse the site and learn more about the gifts you want. When they’ve chosen the gift they want to buy you, they should email quoting your unique list reference number, the product code of their chosen gift and the quantity required. We’ll email back straight away and take the gift off your list, leaving them free to buy the gift at their leisure.